Session 18 Preview

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Session 18

The Summer Heroes posses the first piece of the mythical Miqra’Chen, and seek to find the last two. But they’re not the only ones. Glaysa, one of the Guardians, seeks them, as well as swords of the Dragon Watch. Her purposes are more nefarious.

She also seems to be behind much of the destabilization in Penwith and elsewhere: supporting orcish war bands preparing for invasion, manipulating events in the North to keep the largest standing army occupied, backing murderous pirates and misguided leaders in Brightwater, making deals with dragons to attack the Elvish lands to the South, distracting the Dragon Watch from their sacred duties, and distributing magical statues used not only for eliminating Curators but also causing ever growing corruption in the surrounding areas.

Time has passed for the Summer Heroes while they uncovered the long lost city of Varcrist and saw family and loved ones reunited. They do not know much of what has happened in the world in the months that passed in a matter of hours, only that at least one of their allies was attacked and killed (but brought back by Darion). Sorian Alchemists could be running wild, causing more devastation and destruction in Brightwater, or the people may have revolted again, throwing out the last symbol of centuries of occupation. Open warfare could have broken out in Penwith between Brightwater and the uneasy alliance of the newly resurrected Starrl and Saltstone, or prophecies about a Silver Crown returned to its people could have come to pass, uniting all of Penwith under the rule of House Xiri. Glaysa’s machinations in Hassuna and elsewhere could have come to fruition, causing unknown damage and chaos. Rumors of trouble in Skroz could be more than rumors, and more presumed-dead Curators could be walking the earth, corrupted or in hiding.

If that isn’t enough, the Summer Heroes have their own problems.

Erlindar, a wizard of growing power, is wanted by the Regulators for theft of a magical amulet he secretly wears around his neck. It provides the key to tearing down the rigid elvish caste system, and still uncertain potent energies. Secret organizations seek it too, and Erlindar is pulled in multiple directions. This is complicated by the reunion with his Uncle, who seems deeply involved with these groups. And then there’s Corinthia, the troubled (and psychotic) Irian sister who seeks to unite their houses through marriage, with her (equally psychotic but more scheming) sister Dahlia acting as an envoy.

Thalion is marked as a pariah by his own order, for violating his oaths and sharing his order’s most precious secrets. Now his former allies have sworn to hunt him down, and the rest of the Summer Heroes, for the secrets they both know and carry with them.

Mina is trying to understand her heritage and what the Dragon Watch sword means, hoping to get some answers now that she freed her father from the clutches of Glaysa and the Curator Mellitus. Her long lost mother has resurfaced, bearing a second Dragon Watch sword. She reluctantly works for the man who claims to have her husband, attempting to win his freedom, no matter the cost, unaware that her daughter has already accomplished this. And someone has been masquerading as Mina in Brightwater, employing a ring of spies for as yet unknown purposes.

Pirro struggles with his past failures and his need to protect those around him. He has vowed to bring back Yeronia from the dead, but has no idea if she will return as the friend he failed, or the corrupted enemy he defeated. Sensing the latter is more likely, he wonders if she might be better off at peace. Seeking his own peace, he is troubled by a connection he felt in Varcrist that he does not understand. A promise of greater wisdom, and training, wait for him at Sweetwater Monastery, if the Summer Heroes can ever manage to get there to find their own answers.

Talerion is burdened with the competing desires of retaking his family’s birthright from House Xiri, and protecting his younger brother from the countless dangers he faces. His manipulative and calculating sister shares his ambitions, and then some, leading him to sometimes wonder what his family’s true role is in her schemes. Other areas that were his home for a time are experiencing turmoil, and the only resource he can use is a recently rediscovered former friend who has betrayed him more than once.

Darion has proof of his impossible prophecies in his hand, but is unable to share that proof with the world without attracting the wrong kind of attention. His allies wonder what other secrets he keeps, as he gradually reveals more and more about what fate has in store for them through visions, sometimes disturbing, that keep coming true. He must deal with the traitorous Mellitus of House Xiri, his fellow Curator convinced that Darion will be the doom of Brightwater, and a fervent hope that Mellitus is wrong. Throw in a complicated relationship with Mellitus’ cousin, and the young Curator has more than enough to keep him up at night.

And Abajeet, separated from Mina and her friends except in brief moments where she can offer them refuge, is struggling to understand her new powers, growing personal army, obligations, and secrets, and just what her role in the growing struggle will be…

Session 18 Preview

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