The Calendar

There are three main systems of date-keeping across the known world: First, the calendar of Brightwater; second, the calendar of the Hassunai Elves; and third, the calendar of the Sorian Empire.

All dates are given according to the Brightwater calendar, which is dated according to Brightwater Reckoning (BR), unless explicitly noted otherwise. Brightwater Reckoning begins in Year One (e.g. 1 BR) and dates before Year One are formally given as Year X Before Brightwater Reckoning, which is annotated as -X BR.

Though the dating of years varies, the calendar of days, weeks, and months across the world is constant. This calendar is known as the Arah Calendar. The Arah Calendar is as follows:


1 Arah Nisanu The Month of Frost [Winter]
2 Arah Ashur The Month of the Thaw [Spring]
3 Arah Enlil The Month of Renewal [Spring]
4 Arah Ishtar The Month of the Sprinkling of Seeds [Spring]
5 Arah Tishrin The Month of the Awakening of Buried Seeds [Spring]
6 Arah Tammuz The Month of the Forthcoming of Water [Summer]
7 Arah Shamash The Month of the Sanctuary [Summer]
8 Arah Sivan The Month of the Harvest [Summer]
9 Arah Anu The Month of Giving [Autumn]
10 Arah Adaar The Month of Rest [Autumn]
11 Arah Samna The Month of the Bull [Autumn]
12 Arah Yatar The Month of Conception [Winter]
13 Arah Nasho The Month of the Snows [Winter]

Calendarial Holidays:

Ost’arah’tya (lit. “the day with no month”): Ost’arah’tya falls between Arah Nasho and Arah Nisanu; it is considered the last day of the year, and so takes the date of the months preceding, rather than following, it.

Lustrum’tya (lit. “the elusive day”): Lustrum’tya is an extra day that occurs every four years; it is considered a non-day, not part of any year, and so the dating for it is unusual and consists of incorporating the flanking years on the calendar incorporated into the name (e.g. the Lustrum’tya between years 46 and 47 BR would be represented as 46Lustrum47).

Days of the Week:

1 Helek’tya Day of the Sun
2 Keleh’tya Day of Fire
3 Nagan’tya Day of Air
4 Feria’tya Day of Water
5 Urdu’tya Day of Metal
6 Onah’tya Day of Earth
7 Aura’tya Day of the Moon

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