The Curator Coup

The Curator Coup is the name given to the events in Brightwater in sessions 18 and 19, though the details vary widely depending on who is telling teh story.

The events below are Talerion and Iro’s version, as told to the Summer Heroes upon their return to Brightwater via the Temples.

Initial Staging

Iro is elected the new Chief Curator in the Conclave. White Smoke appears above the Conclave, to the cheering of the population gathered below.

Mellitus denounces the results and walks out with a small number of supporters. Those Curators who were thought slain on expeditions (the Corrupted) remain behind. He returns to House Xiri and the Silver Palace, informs Prince Oswiu of the action, and they implement their contingency.

Iro appears before the gathered masses, declaring his election. Announces the discovery of Varcrist by Darion, but does not announce the recovery of the Silver Crown by Mellitus.

House Xiri forces swiftly more on the square, subtly containing the celebrating crowd and the Curators, cordoning off the surrounding area. Dragon Watch members Sueldor and Alissarienne (the same who confronted the Summer Heroes in the North after Krina’s unmasking at the end of 14 beginning of 15) meet with the City Guard, ostensibly providing security, as there is a large gathering of people.

The Summer Heroes depart, heading to the docks. Spotted by Xiri troops and attacked, they outpace them through magic and horses to get to docks.

Talerion meets with Estrildis, who had contacts in the Palace telling them of Oswiu’s decision. They decide to save Iro and as many Curators as possible, and if the time is right, launch their counter coup.

The Corrupted Act

97 Curators remain at the Conclave, including the 30 Corrupted. The Corrupted are some of the most powerful and battle hardened from their expeditions. They immediately strike at Iro’s most loyal backers while he is still speaking, attempting to separate him and ambush him when he finishes.

Hearing conflict, The Shield rushes in and stunned by battle between the Curators. They immediately break into four groups.

1. Those attempting to break up combat, regardless of who it is between
2. Those who are also Corrupted, joining in the fighting
3. Those protecting their Curators from harm, trying to get them to safety
4. Those sensing another attack from outside, maintaining the external security of the Conclave (and hiding signs of combat to the outside)

City Guard Acts

Hearing the conflict within and aided by the assistance of the Dragon Watch, the City Guard moves in to the Scriptorium. Announcing that The Shield is trying to hide the slaughter and crack down on the supporters of the True Chief Curator Mellitus, the Guard moves on the Scriptorium, battling with the Shield still guarding the Conclave.

Planted trouble makers in the crowd start rioting against the Shield, trying to tie them up from defending the Conclave. Regulators prepare to sneak in and provide magical assistance for the Corrupted.

Oswiu and House Xiri makes a statement, denouncing the election, the attacks, the riots, and promising to use their troops to restore order.

Additional Forces

The Hassunai Resistance, spurred on by Erlindar’s verbal commitment to join the group, appears and intervenes with the Regulators, pushing them back and announcing and denouncing their presence. Talerion’s forces arrive at the same time, pushing back against Xiri and rusing to aid the Curators and get Iro to safety.

Noticing the signal 200 feet above the docks, the Regulators disappear en masse to go attack the Summer heroes and Erlindar.

Numerous Curators are dead, incapacitated, and captured by the Corrupted. Talerion’s forces turn the tide, driving back the Corrupted. Buoyed by this success, they are able to push back the City Guard and House Xiri forces, routing them from the square. The departure of numerous Xiri forces to chase down Darion at the docks with the Regulators aids in the perception of overwhelming success.

Talerion and Iro and the rescued Curators denounce Xiri’s attempted takeover and the entire government as illegitimate for bringing foreign forces into the city. Hearing the truth of the attacks and seeing the foreign forces, the crowd unites with Talerion, calling for his rise and for the blood of Oswiu and Mellitus.

Counter Coup

Staking his claim and seeing opportunity, Talerion moves forward with the crowd to depose Oswiu. Convinced that Mellitus is a grave danger to the Curators and to the stability of both Brightwater and the world, Iro lends his support.

With the departure of the Summer Heroes and Erlindar, the Regulators are livid and convinced they are still in the city (having never heard of the spell Summon Boat), especially since one of the Summer Heroes is leading the opposing forces in the city. Returning to the fight, they begin indiscriminately using magic on the crowds, killing hundreds. Xiri forces stop routing with the arrival of the new reinforcements, and begin a heated battle in the streets of Brightwater. Sueldor and Alissarienne need something as leverage against Thalion and Mina, so move to contain Talerion. A vicious duel occurs in the middle of the fighting, with Talerion holding his own against both of them.

Realizing the situation has gotten out of hand, Mellitus joins the battle himself, leading the Corrupted against Talerion’s forces, and the people. Casualties result on both sides, with thousands of civilians dying in the streets. Neither side seems willing to give up.

Forcing his way to Talerion to hopefully end the conflict, Mellitus recognizes Talerion’s ring (the other Ring of the Rotunda). Determined to get a hold of it at any cost, he attacks Talerion with magic directly, ordering the Dragon Watch to get the ring. Alissarienne severs Talerion’s hand, tossing it to Mellitus. The Dragon Watch struggles to try and take him into custody while Mellitus orders his immediate execution. Seeing their leader about to fall, Talerion’s forces and the people turn to try and save him, exposing their rear to Xiri forces and the Regulators.

End of the Battle

Althea arrives, intent on killing Mellitus and the Curators and demanding answers from Talerion about her daughter’s whereabouts. She carves a path through the Corrupted toward the two leaders. She reaches Mellitus and nearly kills him, but she is interrupted by Sueldor and Alissarienne. Seeing their original target from months ago, they charge her with possession of a Dragon Watch Sword and call for her surrender. She laughs, and they attack her. This gives Mellitus the chance to depart magically with assistance from the Regulators, whose magic does nothing against Althea. Xiri routs Talerion’s remaining forces, who are able to get him and retreat off the streets, with some timely assistance by the crime syndicate Talerion has been leveraging (which turns out to be Winifred’s doing).

With Mellitus no where to be found and the Corrupted dispersed, Althea cuts down Sueldor and maims Alissarienne, disfiguring her face. She then charges after Talerion’s retreating forces who are trying to get the gravely wounded leader to safety. With no one left to lead them, the rioting population is disheartened, and are dispersed by Xiri’s forces.

Talerion is joined with Iro, who was in council with Estrildis and their parents. Needing to get to safety before Althea arrives and kills Iro and takes Talerion, they take shelter in a secret Temple beneath the Scriptorium. They are able to avoid detection and are safe. Left with no one to kill, Althea fumes at the deception wrought upon her by the Summer Heroes. She departs, swearing vengeance.


Talerion’s revolution fails, but the rioting lasts for days, with the criminal syndicate using the chaos for some well timed looting and assassinations. Trouble lasts for weeks after the insurrection is put down, with numerous ring leaders and supporters of Talerion rounded up and executed.

Magic is behaving irregularly, except for that used by the Curators and the temple where Lenore works. Lenore spends her time easing the suffering of the many in Brightwater, dispensing magical healing with her touch., She is largely heralded for bringing an uneasy peace to the city, and the people start calling her The Mother of Brightwater. The Albions seem surprised and confused by this rapid rise in prominence, save Estrildis, who is just as mystified that anyone would be surprised. Xiri completely distrusts Lenore and is convinced she is hiding Talerion and the Summer Heroes, but are unwilling to move directly against her. They settle for keeping a tight watch and control on anyone that enters or exits.

A deadly calm descends around Brightwater, as foreign influences are blamed as the source of many of the interruptions and problems. Declared Chief Curator, Mellitus announces the recovery of the Silver Crown, previously thought to be destroyed by the occupying forces hundreds of years ago. He crowns his uncle Oswiu as King of a United Penwith. The new King vows to bring order to Brightwater, and then Penwith, whether they like it or not. This announcement has been met with scorn, at best.

The criminal syndicate works to smuggle the dissidents, intelligentsia, and few remaining Curators out of Brightwater to other areas. An especially popular location is Starrl, due to the announcement of the pending nuptial between one of its leaders and a member of the Summer Heroes. Seen as a great place to go to both avoid and state one’s opposition to Xiri, Starrl rapidly grows in importance within Penwith, and the Irian Sisters are seen as savvy and cunning leaders, standing up for the people against the tyrant. A very small number of Curators make it to Tintern, but otherwise they are dispersed.

Talerion, his family, and Iro remain in the Temple. Estrildis is the only one able or willing to go outside the Temple, which she does as often as she needs to. Time moves much more slowly in the Temple, which explains why Rowena was able to give birth to a son who is now age six. He is named Caelin, after his murdered Grandfather.

The Curator Coup

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