Myths and Legends from Across the Known World

There are a vast number of myths and legends told by the peoples inhabiting the known world: some of these stories are common to many areas, some to just one region or city. Only the gods know the truth behind some of these tales and even the gods may not know the veracity of others.

Legendary Magical Items and Artifacts:

*Auria’s Crown
*The Black Scroll of the Fens
*The Enchiridion
*The Hyperion Cube
*The Iron Crown
*The Lyre of the Deathsinger
*The Nightmare Chalice
*Nimue’s Hourglass
*Olwen’s Helmet and Spear
*The Soulforge
*The Staff of Prophecy
*The Starfire Ruby
*The Sword of Kalora
*The Viridian and White Folios

Other Myths and Legends:

*Myth of the Founding
* Tale of Talisin, King of Penwith

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Myths and Legends from Across the Known World

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