Hassuna is the largest remaining elven polity in Orem and constitutes an empire in fact, if not in name. “Hassuna” roughly translates to “center of all” in Antique Hassunai, though this is not compatible with its actual geographic position and is interpreted in a more spiritual or cultural sense by contemporary elves. Hassuna is ruled from the capital city of Bel’Sammara, and its political boundaries stretch from the southern tip of Orem north to the Great Rainforest, as well as west from the Alia Kara’Vesh Mountains (which translates to “The Spine of the World”) to the coast in the east.

Hassuna’s history dates back to at least -2500 BR, but history before -1500 BR is difficult to reconstruct because of the devastation visited upon the empire during the conflicts that are now known as The Wars of Blood and Fire (also known as “The Bloodline War” and the “War of the Dragons” to historians who separate the two).

For elves, day-to-day life in Hassuna, even for those in the lower castes, is generally good. Since the implementation of The Great Elven Society in -1484 BR, Hassuna has been relatively stable. The strict delineations between castes have kept conflict from spilling over from one group to another, and the power of the mages keeps the Caste of Law in check. It is estimated that Hassuna is only now reaching the population levels of the kingdom before the Wars of Blood and Fire, though the realm has largely avoided widespread conflict. Despite their defeat in the War of the Dragons, the dragons that continue to inhabit the Alia Kara’Vesh Mountains will periodically rouse themselves and harry the elves.

Bel’Sammara itself is a bustling city and the heart of the realm politically, economically, and spiritually, as it is home not only to the Elven Council and the heads of each of the castes, but also to the chief temples of the realm, the chief courts of the realm, and the chief merchant companies and guilds of the realm. Hassunai cities are generally less dense than the cities of non-elven realms, and Hassunai architecture is characterized by an abundant use of towers, spires, and glass. Bel’Sammara is known as the “City of Spires”, and is dotted with expansive gardens and glittering temples, and is surrounded by formidable walls.

The use of magic is widespread in Hassuna. For a more detailed discussion, see Magic in Hassuna.

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History of Hassuna

Wars of Blood and Fire
The Great Elven Society
Later Hassunai History
The Era of Stability

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