Central Orem

“Central Orem” is a term generally used to describe the interior of the continent of Orem. This area is defined as the area bounded to the north by by Var-Aldun Range, to the west by the Iron River, to the east by the Röl River and the eastern coast, and to the south by the Living Wall.

Central Orem is dominated by three major climate regions: the steppes between the Lakelands and the Röl River, the Aljudha Desert, and the Great Rainforest.

Large settlements are few in the interior due to the inhospitable nature of the Aljudha Desert and the Great Rainforest, with most habitation occurring along the coasts. Darrova, situated on the mouth of the Röl River, is by far the largest city in central Orem. The former Zacthar Kingdom was located on the northern steppes.

While sparsely inhabited, central Orem is frequently traveled by trade caravans. The great Empire Route between Ystria and Soren crosses the northern steppes, as do trade routes between Darrova and Tholceus, the “Gateway to the Empire,” through which passes all trade from eastern Orem. In addition, there is a semi-permanent trade route through the Aljudha Desert which services Darrova, Astir, and the nomadic desert gnomes.

Central Orem

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