The Summer Heroes

Session 23

In which the hunt for the staff continues

Aggreing that the best thing they can do now is to continue searching for the pieces of the staff before Winifred or Glaysa get their hands on them, the Summer Heroes decide to follow the easterly direction that the Ring of the Rotunda is pointing them towards. They also try and direct the Ring to find “The Rod of the Future” as Erlindar calls it, only to have the Ring point momentarily straight into the air.

Moving onward, they are able to narrow the location of the next piece to the Aljudha Desert. They try and avoid sightings of Toma the Sandlord and his minions, but are followed by some Rocs and Sand Worms. Traveling through the Great Desert via the winds courtesy of Pirro, the enchantment is ended suddenly and violently in a very familiar feeling. The Summer Heroes manage to avoid falling to their deaths while dealing with some suddenly aggressive Rocs. They arrive at a Pyramid hidden by invisibility and illusion, and manage to gain entrance, cognizant of the likelihood that Winifred will be arriving shortly.

They make their way through the pyramid, encountering some resistance and evidence of numerous resting places for Toma the Sandlord. They hear signs of others in the building and race towards the center, descending into the depths of the pyramid at the ring’s direction. Erlindar is able to use his amulet to take control of an undead clipping of the Tree of Life, to some discomfort of his friends. The Tree tells them of Marakesh, the Guardian of this Temple and the path they must travel to reach him. They continue further, overcoming a legion of undead and prepare to descend into the room that provides the entrance to Marakesh’s throne room.



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