The Summer Heroes

Session 19

In which the Summer Heroes get Erlindared

The Summer Heroes dash to the Summer’s Fortune, but are attacked by the Regulators, separated and damaged by magic. Mina gives them time to breathe by drawing her Dragon Watch Sword and shrouding the area in impenetrable darkness. Once they are mostly recovered and able to fight, she dispels the darkness.

Vicious combat ensues as the crew races to get the ship ready to sail. Erlindar almost dies, and in a desperate move, teleports to Ystria, seemingly abandoning his friends.

Without the aid of Erlindar’s magic, the Summer Heroes are slowly losing ground. Darion races from stern to bow, keeping his comrades from falling. Pirro taps heroic reserves he didn’t know he possessed to resist magic that urges him to kill his companions. Several of the Regulators fall, but reinforcements arrive. House Xiri guards shower the ship with crossbow bolts while another Regulator duels Mina.

The ship suddenly vanishes, appearing at the docks of Ystria. Erlindar collapses from exhaustion at the efforts of the spell, a gift from Corinthia. Two Regulators come with the ship, one of whom is quickly dispatched. Seeing Erlindar, the last Regulator leaves his duel with Mina, accepting a vicious strike from behind. Leaping to the docks he impales the renegade wizard. Instead of dying, Erlindar is infused with power and lashes out with necromancy, knocking out his attacker.

Expressing concern, Darion tries to tend to his friend, only to be harmed by merely touching him. Erlindar reveals his father’s amulet has fused with him, embedding itself in his chest. The Summer Heroes are wary about this new development, given the uncanny similarity to Erlindar’s appearance in troubling visions of the (not so?) distant future.

The Regulator is detained, questioned, and handed over to Ystrian authorities as proof of Xiri’s plotting with foreign powers to engineer a coup within the Curators. Darion changes the ownership of the Summer’s Fortune to Carmen. Along with a new name and repainting, the crew should be able to avoid any reprisals or (hopefully) detection from Brightwater.

Mina decides she needs a break from her family, and drops her father off at the home of a family friend who promises to get him to Skroz. Godric and Althea have numerous contacts there, and he will go to recover and wait for her, and Mina, there.

Erlindar talks with Corinthia, finally, and discusses their engagement. The Irian Sister inadvertently reveals knowledge of the temples the Summer Heroes have been seeking, and that their home contains one. The time discrepancies experienced there make a great deal more sense, with this information. Promising to deliver to Erlindar the head Regulator in charge of hunting him (as a wedding present), Corinthia departs happily, promising to fill him in on more information once they have an opportunity to discuss in a more secure (and intimate?) location.

Agreeing to the need to depart Penwith as soon as possible, the Summer Heroes board a merchant barge to Auxerre. River monsters and bandits pose little problem to the accomplished heroes, but their sights are focused forward on joining a merchant caravan. Their ultimate destination is Sweet Water Monastery, hoping to get answers, sanctuary, and training from Abbot Thich and his husband Sanaar, bard and scholar of The God Who Knew Too Much.



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