The Summer Heroes

Session 14

In which a Summer Hero dies

Having successfully defeated the members of the Republic of the North’s Secret Police, recovered Broderick’s Dragon Watch sword, and executed Broderick, the Summer Heroes discovered that more orcs had been spying on them, and at least one had fled. A quick interrogation of their captive from the Secret Police yielded some details about the Arbiter’s organization. A lengthy discussion ensued about how best to handle the prisoner. With the danger of the orc getting away to warn others growing with each passing second, the invisible pixie still out there, and no adequate means to secure him or guarantee he wouldn’t betray them, they decided to execute him.

The Summer Heroes proceeded to both track the fleeing orc and use their map made from a dead orc’s liver, which would lead to some buried treasure. They arrive at an archeological excavation site, overseen by a mixture of orcs, hobgoblins, and giants, all of whom were franticly trying to bury both the site and bodies of their own dead and Northern soldiers. Taking advantage of their arguing over treasure, Abajeet sneaks in and steals a rune, shaped similarly to the one they found on Elegabalor, and which unlocked one of the chambers in the Rotunda.

Setting an ambush, they then attacked the humanoids. Numerous spells were exchanged on both sides as the Summer Heroes tried to contain the threat from fleeing without having any of their own number be isolated. During the battle, Mina killed an enemy possessed by an evil spirit, which allowed her to learn about the woman with the hellhounds and her involvement, the large armies and navies being built by the orcs and hobgoblins, and that Mina’s using her Dragon Watch sword was more important than recovering the rune.

At the very end of the conflict, one final fireball caught many of the Summer Heroes together, slaying Darion. Everyone hurriedly tried to revive him with the precious Breath of Life scroll, but no one was able to decipher its contents. With only a second to spare, Feregar at last was able to manage its use, wrenching Darion’s spirit back from the hell to which it was condemned.

The Summer Heroes buried the rest of the bodies, gathered what supplies they could, found the location of the two ships that had brought each group to Penwith, and put them to the torch. Unfortunately, some of the accompanying smaller ship[s were missing, leading them to conclude that at least some of their enemies had gotten away successfully. Indeed, not all of the foes were accounted for during the battle.

After stopping by the refuge camp to notify the authorities of the immediate danger passing, and to be on the lookout for orcish or hobgoblin warships, the Heroes returned to the capitol to report their findings. They sought and gained an audience with the President and Carmen, but were forced to deal with the presence of the small council, including the Arbiter and his assistant, Krina, the orc disguised by illusion. They were cagey in their responses, unwilling to share much in front of a known enemy whose presence was suddenly much more dangerous. Erlindar eventually settled the matter by attempting, and failing, to dispel Krina’s magical disguise. Before too much action could be taken, Carmen stepped in and dispelled the illusion herself, revealing the orc in their midst.

Krina immediately took the Arbiter as a hostage and summoned two hydras. Conflict ensued, numerous people almost died, and Krina swore revenge, then left via magical gateway. Things were slightly awkward with the Arbiter, who claimed he had no knowledge of events, and everyone believed him. Everyone that wasn’t in the Summer Heroes, anyway.



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