The Summer Heroes

Session 12

In which the Summer Heroes forget about their resources

-There was some wrap-up in Brightwater, wherein the mood of (most of)
the city was still fairly good, as the death of the so-called pirate
king offered both a relief to the citizens and an excuse to party to
distraction from the city’s recent woes. Darion also presented Abajeet
and Thalion with some swanky new stuff as “thanks for directly
intervening in situations that would otherwise have resulted in my
death” gifts.

-The group was introduced to a distant cousin of Talerion’s, who will
now be accompanying the Summer Heroes. He is apparently a bard of some
sort or other and I believe his name was Feregar. His name was settled
on after some small discussion, wherein Jason was a huge dick about
naming conventions and linguistic families, partially because he is
That Guy, but also because he likes giving Matt a hard time because it
is funny.

-Feregar is, mechanically speaking, Zach’s “cohort” (see the
Leadership feat for more information). A cohort is an NPC who tags
along with a PC (or, alternately, is left behind by the PC – to do
something like manage a castle or a business, or whatever). A cohort
can never have a level of more than X-2, where X = the PC’s level. In
a gameplay sense, this means that the cohort will still be useful in a
fight, but will not be functioning at 100% (v a PC). Zach has noted
that Feregar will be serving in a buff-ish capacity.

-The Summer Heroes set out from the glittering (on the surface – BUT
of Brightwater across the Channel to the more-colorful-but-less-shiny
city of Ystria. Ystria, of course, is widely known as a city of
extravagance, sensual delights, and powerful merchant families (in
more vulgar parlance, it is called the city of “fun, fashion, and
fucking”). It is the home of the inimitable Margravine, the popular
and delightful (albeit unconventional) musician of whom Abajeet and
Mina are huge fangirls, and who is also notable for having been
accidentally diseased by the Summer Heroes and then cured by the same.

-The SH set out for Ystria because of reports of a plague in the city,
which they quickly speculated was related to the plague-related
activity that has been triggered, at various points, by the statues
which Pirro originally brought to the group’s attention. When in
Ystria, the SH learned that there was not a plague in the city per se,
but that corruption and death had infected the Nicephori River, which
was sickening and killing the fish. Heavy reliance by Ystria on
fishing and imports of foodstuffs from Brightwater is such that the
corruption killing the fish, combined with a slow-down in mercantile
traffic from BW (cf the recent restrictions on trade by the Silver
Palace, &c), resulted in a situation that, though not a famine, was
nevertheless problematic.

-The SH dispatched their ship back to BW with instructions to purchase
grain and return to Ystria, with strict instructions for the crew NOT
to engage in any profiteering.

-Additionally, the SH, upon taking residence at an inn for the night,
ran into Balin. Balin is a scion of House Ferrex, the noble House that
held the Crown in BW before the current occupants of House Xiri. Balin
was Talerion’s totes-best-friends-forever, and the two of them left BW
for Skroz some years ago, for a variety of reasons which Talerion can
discuss if he wishes. Talerion has not seen Balin lately, as they had
a falling out when Talerion reformed his life, but Balin did not.
Balin had not met Thalion or Pirro before (and it has been like ten
years since he and Darion saw each other, I think?), but Mina and
Abajeet are familiar with him – though familiarity has, in this case,
bred contempt.

-Balin very kindly introduced us to his adventuring company, inquired
if the SH were in the city to get “the bounty” for ending the plague
that a Curator had placed, and told a number of ribald stories about
his and Talerion’s time in Skroz. The SH had not heard there was a
bounty on the plague, and certainly had not heard it was being offered
by a Curator; further inquiry into the matter revealed that no one
knew precisely which Curator was offering said bounty, and Darion
pointedly asked Balin’s group why they were willing to chase down
something on the promise of cash from an unknown person (a
satisfactory answer to this question was unavailable at the time).

-The next day, our intrepid heroes headed north, up the Nicephori
River, having secured the services of a river barge. By this point,
the SH had come to the conclusion that the corruption was being caused
by the statue that Pirro had previously buried after it killed off his
expedition, and were doing their best to disguise the fact that they
knew where they were going. (Totes McAwkwardsauce, amirite?!)

-As the group ventured north up the River, the intensity of the
corruption increased. There was a brief sighting of a centaur (NB: the
Maimon Centaurs, longtime allies of the Ystrians, live in the large
forest to the north and northwest of Ystria), as well as a brief
conversation, though the centaur was cagey and not overly forthcoming
with information. He also indicated that they were headed away from
the corruption, &c &c, ominous foreshadowing.

-Eventually, the river barge was tossed about a bit by what came to be
understood as a Dire Crocodile. Several of the SH were tossed
overboard, in what can best be described as “oh shit a huge dire
crocodile is attacking us apparently and we totes mcgotes weren’t
expecting it and also failed our reflex throws”. The ensuing combat
was problematic, in that Thalion spent a regrettable amount of time in
said croc’s jaws, much to the chagrin of Abajeet, who was
simultaneously desirous of both throwing bombs into the croc and of
diving into its open mouth and destroying it, uh, from within.

-The SH prevailed and soon discovered that the croc was rotting from
the inside out, which was totes gross and whatever, and also the river
barge people were super freaked out and were eventually convinced not
to turn this car around right now. The corruption was getting super
terrible, so the SH were all like “oh gosh, maybe we should go see if
there is a source of it nearby since it is getting worse”, which was a
flimsy cover for “yeah we know where it is”, but flimsy is better than
nothing, so there you go.

-After Darion explictly asked the river barge people to wait where
they were – much to the DM’s obvious consternation and desire to punish
the group for not asking (if they hadn’t asked, but we did, see, so
there) – the SH set out into the forest. It was totes gross and stuff,
and then we got attacked by some shubbery.

-Soon thereafter, some members of the group realized the SH were being
followed. Ermehgerd, it was Balin and Co., LLC. They were all like “oh
hey you saw us, yeah we’re just following along b/c you guys seem like
you’ve got it going on” and we were like “ummm why didn’t you guys
help us when we got attacked by the zombie croc or these shubberies”
and they were like “yeah you guys are pretty lethal and did not need
our help with those bushes for serious” and we were like “yeah and
don’t you forget it when your sudden but inevitable betrayal happens”.

-Dread grew among the party members as the corruption in the forest
got worse and some PCs meta-realized that oh jeez we’re going to have
to fight Pirro’s old group, aren’t we?, and isn’t that going to be
kind of emotionally traumatizing for Pirro?

-Anyway, so eventually we made our way to the clearing where Pirro
buried the statue and also his friends. Yeronia, the beautiful and
gifted Curator with whom Pirro was “just friends” was there, and she
was all like, “oh hey Pirro why’d you bury me I’m not the biggest fan
of being buried alive” and he was like “first, why are your eyes all
green and glow-y and also yeah you were totes dead when I buried you”
and she was like “nuh-uh” and he was like “not but seriously you

-After this emotional rollercoaster, Yeronia rolled for initiative and
activated her secret zombies. A bunch of shambling dudes appeared and
were all like yaarrrgggghhhh (but in a zombie voice not a pirate
voice), and lo!, some of Balin’s group had had their minds overthrown
and were actually evil. There were some nets that trapped Mina and
Erlindar (convenient plot devices for explaining the non-action of
non-present players), and also Darion, which in retrospect probably
actually saved his hide, since the hulking barbarian undead bro went
after Thalion instead. So, you know, there’s that. Oh also Balin and
his only non-evil-friend got caught too.

Combat ensued. Talerion very cleverly had his buff machine – excuse
me, his cohort, Feregar, who has hopes and dreams of his own, and is a
fully fleshed-out, three-dimensional character – cast silence on him
and then rushed at the wizard who was like RAWRSPELLS. The rest of the
group was engaged elsewhere
Thalion doing his thing what with the
arrows and swords, Pirro hitting things with his magical fists, Darion
tottering about praying, since apparently that helps somehow, and
Abajeet flitting around overhead, dropping literal bombs on people- a
spectacle that never fails to be simultaneously both helpful and

-There was a bunch more combat I guess, and eventually the group got
into a rather nasty and awkward position where Thalion and Abajeet
were very near death but Darion could not heal them because of his
brother’s brilliant silence aura, but I’ll go ahead and note
(SPOILERS) that no one died.

-Well, no one died that hadn’t already died, at least. With only
Yeronia left standing, Talerion launched into a brutal attack that
reduced her to, like, -50 HP or something ridiculous, much to Pirro’s
utter and abject horror, because holy shit you guys that was his
friend and maybe we could have saved her duh?

-Regrettably, Yeronia was beyond saving, and the players in charge of
the SH forgot about the resurrection scroll they had, and woooooops,
sorry Peter, looks like Pirro’s in for a rough time.

-Talerion proceeded to be a huge, huge dickmobile about the whole
situation, an attitude which was simultaneously surprising (seriously,
Tal, aren’t we supposed to be friends?) and tremendously alientating
for some members of the party, because the whole bit really wasn’t
that funny. Thalion also bumbled into some social awkwardness, but
that was forgivable because his charisma is like 7 or something.

-After putting the ill-fated statue-hunting group to rest (vis-a-vis a
flaming pyre [side note: is there any other kind of pyre?]) and
destroying the statue, some things were explained to Balin and Co.,
LLC, with as little divulged as possible, and an especial emphasis on
“you guys might not want to talk about it because this looks PRETTY
BAD for you all what with the whole getting your minds dominated and
whatnot”. Balin and Co., LLC also revealed (well, the ones who’d
turned) that they’d met with a Curator named Noah, who was the one
who’d offered the reward and also to “bless” them. Awwwwwkwarrrrrd.

-Darion and Pirro suddenly recalled that Noah the Curator was actually
supposed to be Noah the Dead Curator, and Pirro also remembered that
he met Noah the Apparently Dead Curator at a party in BW recently – a
fact which seemed insignificant at the time, because he didn’t LOOK
dead, but was apparently significant now.

-At some point during this session Abajeet revealed that she had
recently fought a t-rex and that there was a gnome serial killer on
the loose in BW.

-The group sailed back on down to Ystria, where they decided to let
Balin and Co., LLC take credit for stopping the plague (let’s sort of
use them as bait to draw out Noah, maybe?) if they wanted.

-Then they met with the Margravine, who was all like oh hey guys
whaaaaatsssssupppppp, and Darion was like hey, so… how are things?
Are they good? Anyway so we have this new piece that Corinthia
wrote… do you want it? And she was like boy howdy do I! And then
Darion was like hey so I have some suggestions for your upcoming
album – how about you do some songs about the Fall of Liria? (It’s a
#dark #emo album.) And also, can you get us some face-time with the
king and queen o’ the city? And she was like sure, let me pull out my
handy cell phone – excuse me, sending stone, and text – excuse me,
message – Her Majesty.

-Also, the SH got a message from the guild o’ message senders that
they had a message. So, they went and got that message, and the
President in the North was like hey guys can you come back up here – PS
not really asking, you’re contractually obligated as Summer Heroes -
because there are some issues, by which I mean lots of people are
getting slaughtered.

-And so, to bring this excessively long SR to a close, when last we
left our intrepid heroes, they were hanging out, partying with the
Margravine whilst waiting for their upcoming appointment with the
rulers of Ystria. The intention, of course, is to set off immediately
from the city as soon as their meeting is over, and head north, to
Find Out What Are the Haps and also hopefully To Find Out That the
Haps Are Not Inadvertantly Their Fault Again.




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