Welcome to the home of the Unforgiving Minute, a Pathfinder-based campaign set in the home-brew world of Illuviѐn. The setting is the product of an ongoing process of collaborative world-building between the DM and the players; with the DM’s guidance, the players have fabricated an entire world (and continue to do so).

The philosophical underpinning of the world design is (more or less) Fantasy Realism, an attempt to answer questions like, “In a world where X exists, what are the logical consequences of that existence?” and, “How would people behave, what would people do, how would their culture develop, in a world where X exists?”, where “X” is some fantastical thing (magic, or dragons, or the tangible proof of a varied pantheon of gods).

This wiki is under construction, but eventually should house the (already voluminous) information about the world. Additionally, disturbing, “adult”, and “serious” topics have not been shied away from in the creation of this world, and so it is intended for a mature audience.

Finally, you can read the original game proposal here.

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The Summer Heroes

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