Zacthar’Zaqara is the abode of the Hathar Trolls. The floating city is a wonder of engineering and powerful magic. The original “ground” of the city was built in between eight ships—four on opposite sides of each other—which gave the city shape and sailing capacity. Since then, the area of the city has increased significantly in size, and it can now accommodate about 5,000 trolls. No complete ships have been added to the city itself, though there are masts dotted around the city, and a large supply of oars is available in case of an emergency.

The city is not as intricately carved or decorated as the Darrovan Enclave, but the central Temple of the Mother is also considered very beautiful. Bloodstaining of exterior surfaces is considered impractical and so is not generally undertaken, but scenes and carvings inside buildings are frequently bloodstained.

Significant space is given over to an artificial field, where the Hathar’s tiny herd of sheep and goats is grazed and kept. The field itself is fenced in, and secure wooden pens are located in the center of the field for whenever significant sailing of the city is undertaken. The small herd provides the Hathar with cheese, milk, and (a little) meat, but its primary purpose is to provide fabric for clothing and sails. Otherwise, the Hathar diet consists mostly of fish and those other foodstuffs that can be imported from the islands. Fresh water is not a major concern, as the Hathar priests and priestesses are capable of creating water. Additionally, large water-traps are setup on most of the buildings to catch and filter rainwater.

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