Ystrian Culture and Religion

Ystrian culture is most easily described as supported by three pillars: diversion, love, and trade (to cynics, “fun, fucking, and fashion”). The city has a reputation for sexual promiscuity, general licentiousness, and hedonism, though this reputation tends to overlook the sophistication of Ystrian merchant houses and the high quality of Ystrian exports (like silk, lace, and tapestries). When faced with such charges, citizens usually refer to Ystrian institutions like the Royal College of Numbers and the simply-named Music Academy (easily the best in the known world) as just some of the proofs of Ystrian virtue.

Nevertheless, the generally-hedonistic nature of Ystria is difficult to deny. Cambrai, the god/dess of love and lust, is far and away the most-worshipped deity in the city, and Cambrian worship easily eclipses all others. Eidothea, the goddess of the sea, is also given attention, but worship of deities beyond these two tends to be on an individual level.

Ystrian Culture, in Detail

Sex and Love in Ystria

Ystrian Holidays

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Ystrian Culture and Religion

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