Western Orem

“Western Orem” is the term generally used to describe the lands to the west of the Iron River and the Lakelands. This region is essentially comprised of all the territory currently under the rule of the Sorian Empire. The land mass of Sargon, off the western coast of the continent, is joined to the “mainland” by the bridge-city of Soren. On the eastern side of Soren, the Great Wall of the Empire surrounds the entirety of the Empire’s jurisdiction, and so makes a convenient geographical marker.

The climate of western Orem is temperate and the lands are fairly fertile. The city of Soren is the region’s major trading hub (and, of course, political capital), though the city of Tholceus, sitting on the banks of Lake Argive and the Iron River, serves as the “gateway” to the rest of the continent to the east. The Lakelands district was considered especially beautiful topography, though it is still recovering from the ravages of civil war.

Neither summers nor winters are particularly extreme in any part of the Empire, as jet streams from the west and southwest keep temperatures within a fairly predictable range, and the region of Sargon lacks significant terrain elevations like mountains that might block rain or other weather patterns.

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Western Orem

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