Viridian and White Folios

The Viridian and White Folios

The Viridian and White Folios are a collection of books comprised of a vast number of songs, poems, stories, and love letters written by the mysterious figure known only as Daniel the Bard to an array of lovers he had across eastern Orem and the Penwith Islands in the first century BR. Daniel’s letters paint a picture of him as a dashing and extremely charismatic wandering minstrel who traveled from port to port wooing men and women of various races and sending them missives to keep them hopelessly enraptured long after he had gone.

These compositions were compiled by an anonymous person who edited and arranged them and identified themselves in the compilations only as the Nightingale. The compilations are known collectively as the Viridian and White Folios because of the color of the original binding—there were seven volumes in all and they alternated colors: four were viridian and three were white. Numerous copies still exist of these folios and some of Daniel’s songs and poetry can be heard in the songs of contemporary taverns and other similar places. Daniel’s fate is unknown and the Nightingale’s only preface to the Folios notes that they amassed the works by traveling across the world to find as many of Daniel’s lovers as possible and convince them to part with the missives they had received.

The Folios are highly regarded for their literary value and based on evaluations of the language used most scholars believe that Daniel was a citizen of Darrova, a citizenship which the city is happy to claim. The original Viridian and White Folios, however, have been lost, a loss bemoaned by scholars and bards alike, as no copies exist of the seventh volume. It is also said that anyone who has all seven volumes in their possession and carefully reads through all the works therein will have their own oratorical and bardic skills enhanced by lingering remnants of Daniel’s powers.

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Viridian and White Folios

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