Varcrist was the metropolis of the dwarves until -483 BR when it was destroyed during the Sorian Emperor Kiira’s Siege of Varcrist.

The towers of Varcrist soared high above the Frostpeak Path in the Var-Aldun Range, but its mines delved deep into the mountains below. Glowmoss lighted the subterranean lakes and farms that sustained the city in times of need, as they did during Kiira’s siege.

Varcrist, the Frostpeak Path, and several of the surrounding mountains were destroyed in -483 with the Suicide of the Drawers.

No one has seen a dwarf in hundreds of years, though it is assumed by many that they live on in the deeps of Varcrist. From time to time, expeditions attempt to reach the city, but the mountains are so treacherous and the path to the city so non-existent that none has ever gotten close. Some have speculated that powerful dwarven magic has helped to keep everyone out, but many believe this is just a myth created by failed travelers to assuage their egos.

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