Tygon Adunin-Firssa

Tygon Adunin-Firssa

Tygon Adunin-Firssa (b. 945 BR) founded the Northern Republic of Penwith in 981 BR by organizing elections for a new representative government.

Tygon was the son of Tiran Adunin-Firssa, who had forcibly reunified the territories of the former kingdoms of Gelden and Jund following the Sorian occupation. While Tiran’s goal had been to reestablish a monarchy, upon his father’s death Tygon instead chose to transfer the rule of Gelden and Jund to its people in the form of an elective republic.

Tygon’s underlying motives in doing this are unclear, although by all accounts he is much more compassionate than his father and felt responsible to the will of his people, many of whom were upset by Tiran’s campaigns against their friends and neighbors. Some speculate that Tygon was being manipulated by an unseen force, while others believe that he was merely perceptive enough to notice when a rebellion was brewing and savvy enough to head it off.

Tygon helped the nascent republic through its first elections and the transition to the new government. He held various cabinet positions during the first three presidential administrations and was elected fourth President of the Republic in 996.

Tygon married his distant cousin Silene Adunin-Firssa (b. 947) in 975. Silene was a notorious outdoorswoman and onetime Summer Hero (965). She had planned a career as an officer in the Army of the North, but she objected to Tiran’s bloody reunification campaign (begun 963) and became a riding instructor instead, specializing in mounted combat. Silene was killed in a riding accident in 983.

Tygon and Silene had one child, Carmen.

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Tygon Adunin-Firssa

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