The city of Tintern, situated at the foot of the sacred Mount Rhone, is the symbolic heart of Penwith. As the tallest mountain on Penwith, Mt. Rhone has long been held sacred by its people. Tintern is especially revered as the supposed site of the original Oracle, as related in the Myth of the Founding.

Tintern’s position in Penwith is primarily spiritual rather than political, and its position within Brightwater’s borders provides even more power to that state.

During the Scourge of Penwith Tintern was completely destroyed and desecrated by the Sorian army. This final act of violence was, in fact, the deciding event which led to Queen Auria’s surrender. In the aftermath of the Scourge Tintern was never rebuilt, and instead remained in its ruined state as a monument to the invasion. It has since been overgrown by flowers and ivy that today forms a sacred, natural garden city. Many Penwithans attribute this flowering to the divine powers dwelling on Mt. Rhone, and Tintern has only become more revered since the Scourge.

After the Imperial withdrawal the Curators re-established a temple on the site of the original Oracle, carefully preserving the ruins of the larger city.

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