The Empire Withdraws

In the Year of Conflagration, 837 BR, the Penwithan people took the opportunity of widespread chaos in the Empire to throw off imperial administration and occupation. The peaceful departure of the imperial forces from Penwith was not immediately known by the Ystrians, as the subsequent disappearance of what is now called the Vanished Legion meant that the Ystrians never saw the Sorian forces and were unaware of the Imperial plans.

King Dandolo XIX, after being made aware of the news, seized upon the opportunity of Penwithan independence to declare Ystria an independent city as well. Dandolo’s proclamation was in some sense largely symbolic: The largest imperial force in eastern Orem was stationed in Penwith, and its disappearance left a clear power vacuum. Additionally, the absence of imperial troops stationed in Ystria itself, combined with the general withdraw of other imperial forces to the west, made Ystrian independence more or less a political certainty.

The Empire’s withdraw represented few real changes for the common people of the city, aside from the disappearance of the possibility of being forced to serve in the imperial army. The slow and gradual decline of the Empire, as well as the weakening of imperial authority in eastern Orem specifically, had long-since caused a gradual economic decline in Ystria. The merchant houses were therefore sorry to see the collapse of political stability in eastern Orem, but the cessation of the need to pay yearly tribute to Soren helped to soften the blow of economic decline.

Unfortunately for Ystria, Penwithan independence was coupled with the near-total collapse of governmental authority in the Penwith archipelago and the beginning of the Anarchy of the Islands. Throughout the imperial occupation, Ystria and Brightwater remained each others’ largest markets, and so the serious economic consequences of Imperial withdraw in Brightwater had significant echoes in Ystria.

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The Empire Withdraws

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