Queen Sylan of Jund was born in 261 BR and ruled from 299 to 344. She was instrumental in cementing the Peace in the North.

As a young child Sylan was cursed with a wasting illness by the dragon Ragnok in retaliation for the death of his sister Raga the Golden at the hands of the Army of the North. In 270 she was cured by Hrothgar the Warlock, to whom her grateful parents bestowed the Witchwood. This act ultimately precipitated the Witchwar of 275-279.

Per the terms of the Brightwater Accord that ended the war, the monarchs of Gelden and Jund were required to send their second child to be fostered at the opposite court from the ages of 10 to 20 years. This stipulation was intended to create sympathy between the two houses and encourage intermarriage between the royal families. In 279 16-year-old Prince Edweard of Gelden took up his mandated residence at the Junden court, where he and Sylan fell in love and were married in 286.

Sylan was crowned Queen of Jund upon the death of her father in 299. A natural diplomat who abhorred violence in all its forms, Sylan quickly earned the epithet “the Peaceable” for her insistence on the mutual disarmament of Gelden and Jund and her rigid adherence to the terms of the Brightwater Accord.

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