Starfire Ruby

The Starfire Ruby

The Starfire Ruby is a large, transparent, scarlet gem about the size of a halfling’s fist. Though the gem itself is flawless, extremely tiny motes of light glitter inside, winking in and out of existence every few minutes. If taken outside and exposed to natural starlight, the motes of light in the gem disappear, and the inside of the Ruby glows with a molten orange and red. The gem was brought to Starll in -109 BR during the Resettling by a group of elves who hoped to use it to purchase new homes and supplies within the city. This request was granted, and the Mayor of Starll acquired it thereby. When Starll became a monarchy, the Ruby was set into the crown of the city, as its centerpiece. In 53 BR, the prince of Starll stole the crown, separated the Ruby, and returned it to the descendants of the elves who had first sold it to the city. Furious with his son but unwilling to re-appropriate the gem and endure the political fallout, the king made no effort to recover the gem and acted as if it had been the plan all along.

The Starfire Ruby disappeared in 184 BR, around the same time as the disappearance of Captain Rheda from her exile on the Sandspits. The association between Rheda and the Starfire Ruby can be traced directly back to the pamphlet published on the subject by Bartleby the Scrivener in 333 BR, as the events were not assumed to be related before that point. The origins of the gem are unknown, as are its current whereabouts, and, aside from its historical value, it is a tremendously valuable stone.

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Starfire Ruby

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