Sorian Calendar

The calendar of the Sorian Empire is no longer the standard across northern Orem; the collapse of the eastern half of the Empire has left behind a common language, but the Brightwater Calendar has displaced the Sorian calendar across eastern Orem and the Penwith Islands. The other major calendar in use is the Hassunai Calendar.

The Sorian calendar utilizes the style “The First Year of the City”, or “1 YC”. This style is derived from the tradition of dating the first year to the year of the founding of the city of Soren. Dates prior to the founding of Soren are given as “Year X Before the Years of the City”, or “-X YC” (e.g. Year Twenty Seven Before the Years of the City", or “-27 YC”). The First Year of the City (1 YC) is equivalent to -1056 BR, and so conversion of Sorian dates to Brightwater Reckoning requires an adjustment of 1056 (e.g. 83 BR is 1139 YC, and -453 YC is -1509 BR).

[For the sake of simplicity, all dates in the wiki are given in Brightwater Reckoning unless explicitly noted otherwise.]

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Sorian Calendar

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