Churches, temples, and religious orders across Illuviѐn are generally centered around gods or ideals, and worship of specific gods is not limited by distinctions like race. Religion and faith are most frequently centered around the culture of a region, and these frequently stem from the practical needs of the people (e.g., the worship of Eidothea, the sea goddess, is strong in the Penwith Islands). There are few exceptions to this, most significant of which are the religions of the gnomes and the trolls.


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The Pantheon of Illuviѐn begins with Ahn and the four Archon. These divine beings are not themselves worshipped widely, but are rather the universal forces from which arose not only the pantheon of gods but also existence itself. The Ahn is most often conceived of as a single, eternal syllable of music made manifest, without form or boundary. When the Ahn was broken its shards began gathering themselves back together, and from this union arose the Four Archon. These were the first divine beings, who created Illuviѐn from themselves and suffused it, finally dividing themselves and reemerging as the Primals, the highest tier in the divine pantheon.

The divine pantheon can thus be divided into two tiers: the nine Primals, who emerged directly from the Archon, and the countless lesser Divinities, who emerged at various times from the divinely infused material of Illuviѐn. Though the Primals do maintain a certain level of authority over the other Divinities, the distinction between the two tiers is no longer as firm as it once was. Since the breaking of the world following the Godswar, the power of the gods is now drawn directly from the worship of mortals. Thus the power of the gods waxes and wanes depending on the events of the material plane, and many of the “lesser” Divinities are now as powerful (or, indeed, more so) than the Primals.

The Four Archon and the Nine Primals are listed below; for a full listing of the lesser Divinities and other gods, see the main article on the Pantheon.

The Archon of Ahn

* Atein, the Divine Light
* Olven, the Divine Hardness
* Alver, the Divine Softness
* Erun, the Divine Air

The Nine Primals

* Eidothea, Goddess of the Sea
* Bourlon, God of the Land
* Tohilai, God of the Sun
* Kusah, Goddess of the Moon
* Hadaad, God of Thunder
* Veyu, Goddess of Wind
* Tajen, Goddess of Rain
* Sothara, Mother of Living Things
* Talauo, Father of Living Things

Religious Orders and Organizations

Main Article: Religious Orders and Organizations

There are a panoply of religious orders and organizations across the known world, many devoted to a god or goddess, some fewer devoted to an ideal or principle. Many churches and temples have large, sprawling hierarchies that exist independently of secular political entities; most of the largest religious organizations are those dedicated to one or more of the Primals, though there are a few religious orders that wield significant influence as well.

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