Northern Orem

“Northern Orem” is the term generally used to refer to the lands north of the Var-Aldun Range. The mountains of Var-Aldun have long been a barrier between what is generally considered to be the “civilized” world (to the south) and the “monstrous” lands of orcs and ogres to the north. The lands north of the Var-Aldun Range are cold and largely unaffected by the jet streams that keep regions like Penwith warm. Little is known of the geography north of the Var-Aldun Range, owing both to the inhospitable nature of the climate, as well as the hostility of the resident orcs.

The northernmost region Northern Orem is said to be a vicious, unforgiving, and frozen wasteland where the tribes of the Winter Ogres make their home. This region is generally referred to as the Vast White Reach, though even less of it is known than of the orcish lands. The dragon Ragnok’s lair is said to be located somewhere in this wasteland.

The legendary Dwarven city of Varcrist is located roughly in the middle of the Var-Aldun Range, athwart what was once known as the Frostpeak Path. As no one has seen the Dwarves or been able to get to (or at least return alive from) Varcrist since -483 BR, little else can be said about its contemporary geography.

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Northern Orem

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