Nonsuch Palace

A Palace Born of Dreams and Madness

Begun in 929 BR by the Sorian Empress Lyncea, Nonsuch Palace is a sprawling complex situated near the geographic middle of the eastern half of the Sorian Empire. The Palace was funded by the Fortification Taxes originally put in place to build the Empire Wall and was completed in 935 BR.

The Palace was designed by Lyncea herself and consists of fantastic, whimsical architecture, with rooms, hallways, and towers arrayed in a vast jumble, and the whole complex is littered with gardens, mirrors, statues, and art of all kinds. The Palace does not have any walls, as the Empress considered them unnecessary; she is said to have remarked, "Why should my new home need a wall, when the whole realm is encircled by the Great Wall that my mother and I built?” The grounds have instead been demarcated by vast lines of hedges, and are heavily patrolled and enchanted.

A small town, called Nonsuch, after the Palace, has sprung up since then a short distance from the Palace itself to serve the needs of the Imperial Court whenever it is present. Since Lyncea’s time, the Palace has been used as a summer residence by the rulers of the Empire, and is the only imperial residence outside the city of Soren itself. The Nonsuch Palace was the site of the Treaty of Nonsuch in 938 BR, an elaborate diplomatic ceremony that took place in the Great Hall of the Dead, a morbid and gruesome room in the Palace decorated with scenes from the Triple Throne War and the following orcish invasion. In the Treaty, Lyncea released the Penwith Islands, as well as the individual cities of Darrova and Ystria, from their allegiance to the Empire.

The Treaty was controversial among the small faction of the nobility that still dreamt of Imperial expansion, but was otherwise seen as essentially unremarkable, and as recognition of the political realities of the day. After Lyncea’s reign ended, it was recognized that the Treaty of Nonsuch actually had the positive effect of helping to normalize relations between the Empire and the referenced polities, most of which had not maintained formal embassies in Soren since their independence.

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Nonsuch Palace

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