Mahra’s plane— the Mindscape, but also referred to as the Plane of Psychosis or the Horrorscape— is her home. Those few who have been there and returned have described it as a crazed expanse littered with the vestiges of nightmarish creatures, echoing with screams, and covered in the bodies of those she has consumed. It is possible to be drawn into the Mindscape by sheer mental or emotional trauma: Victims of extensive torture have sometimes had their minds exiled there, as their inability to cope with the despair and pain engendered by the torture cause them to seek ways to escape. The more trauma someone’s mind has endured, the more sensitive it is to Mahra’s power or to exile in the Mindscape.

A powerful will can allow a creature’s mind to return from the Horrorscape, though this usually requires the establishment of an emotional bond with the material plane (creatures from non-material planes cannot be exiled there unwillingly because of the barriers placed by the Dark God and Viatica) which must be maintained long enough for the creature to leave the plane (by walking through the plane’s gates). Mortals who spend time in the plane find that their minds begin to unwind and fall away, and their memories begin to dissipate. This feature of the plane is the primary reason so few return from it, as even those who are aware of how to escape the Plane of Psychosis may forget before they do. The process of mental disintegration is rapidly sped up by interaction with the objects in the plane: Touching the bodies of the consumed (or of someone who is in the plane but unconsumed) will force a creature to experience the worst traumas of the one they have touched, which has a tendency to serve as a multiplicative effect on mental deterioration. Leaving the Mindscape restores the mind in its entirety, and it appears that Mahra must trap a creature’s entire life energy/soul/mind in the plane in order to consume it.

The plane is said to be in a kind of perpetual twilight and to have an insubstantial, even wispy, quality to it, which probably reflects the non-material nature of the psychic energy that sustains it and its creator. Deliberate entry into the plane has only been undertaken twice in recorded history, by the twins Hugo and Rugo in 431 BR. Hugo and Rugo were Flagellants and were convinced that their emotional bond (as twins), their faith in Viatica, and their experience with pain and suffering (vis-à-vis being Flagellants) would allow them to travel to the Mindscape, document it extensively, and return, in hopes of finding weaknesses to destroy Mahra forever. Hugo returned from the venture, but Rugo did not, and Hugo’s mind was so undone that he was only infrequently lucid and he refused to discuss what he had seen.

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