Languages of Illuviѐn, Active and Inactive/Historical

Active: Da’Nor; Hassunai Elven (“Pure Elven”); Hathar; Imperial Common; Lirian-Elven (“Bastard Elven”); Maimonic; Ystrian

Historical: Ancient Lirian; Antique Hassunai; Classical Ystrian; Da’Nor Glyphs; Dwarven; High Imperial; Low Imperial; Middle Penwithan; Old Penwithan; Penwithan; Zactharan


One of the most enduring legacies of the Sorian Empire’s domination of most of the known world has been the widespread utilization of the language known as Imperial Common across Illuviѐn. Imperial dominion lasted long enough to overcome the inherent resistance of native languages, and the attendant economic benefits of linguistic unity across vast distances made the utilization of a single language preferable for many social classes in different kingdoms and nations.

The collapse of the Empire’s authority east of the Iron River did not lead to a concomitant fragmentation of Imperial Common or a widespread reversion to other native tongues. The immediacy of communication afforded by means like magical Sending, as well as the large-scale use of ravens, carrier pigeons, and sea-based travel has inhibited the devolution of Imperial Common into new, distinct languages. Most regions have retained their distinct pronunciations and accents, as well as regionalized slang, but even more remote regions have only drifted far enough from the “standard” to be considered essentially dialects, and so communication is possible across a broad geographic swathe.

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