Important People

Important People

There are many important people in Illuviѐn. Here is a short list of some of those encountered while exploring the world, primarily focused on the Penwith Islands. See also Noble Houses and Historical Personages.

  • Althea Mellis – Purported mother of Mina, apparent member of The Dragon Watch, and claimer of first book of Methia
  • The Arbiter – criminal organization boss based in the Northern Republic, also the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Republic
  • Arlen – young man from Brightwater, object of Constance’s obsession, smuggled out by Juru
  • Arrvos – Young Captain in the Saltstone Navy, masquerading as a merchant to aid in pirate hunting
  • Aryeon – Collector and ally to the Curators; famous Elementalist; prior resident of Stonewall; killed during attack on his house which also destroyed his considerable collection of artifacts and books, but subsequently resurrected by the Summer Heroes; last seen in Brightwater
  • Carmen – daughter of Tygon, President of the North. Carmen nearly caused an international incident by sojourning to the Witchwood to study.
  • Constance – Soren Alchemist, sparked protests after attacking unarmed citizen of Brightwater who refused her advances
  • Iro – A high ranking Curator; member of the major noble house Rivallo; mentor to Darion of House Albion; occasional sponsor of the Summer Heroes; elected Chief Curator in 999 BR, which sparked an apparent coup by House Xiri against the Curators; presumed safe, but whereabouts unknown
  • Juru – Gnomish ship captain; friend to Darion of House Albion; “potential” smuggler
  • Lenore – pronouncer of curse against the Irians (but caught up in it as well); survived her torment; taken to Brightwater to heal; recovery secretly funded by members of the Summer Heroes; currently doing well; apparently inhabited by an Old God
  • Mellitus – rising star in the Curators; rival of Darion of House Albion; apparently involved in nefarious plans to destabilize Penwith; surprise nomination for Chief Curator in 999 BR, but failed to win, which presumably sparked the coup against the order
  • Merrick – member of House Xiri; Lord-Commodore in the Royal Brightwater Navy; commander of the ship Inflexible; rumored to be romantically tied to Darion of House Albion
  • Methia – author of at least two volumes exploring the nature of magic and alchemy
  • Sondo – former contact of Mina’s from Skroz, now works for the Arbiter
  • Tygon – President of the North

Irian Family

Notorious family known as much for their talents as for their depravity, victims of a curse that kept them trapped in their home (and the accompanying village of Malagore near Starll) for centuries

  • Both and Gourd – Corinthia’s children, possible non-human father, cursed in the form of Stone Golems
  • Corinthia – composer, cursed in the form of a Banshee
  • Dahlia – painter and sculptor, cursed in the form of a Gorgoon
  • Tamvir – ex-Curator, ex-Alchemist, cursed in the form of a Flesh Golem (deceased)

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Important People

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