Game Proposal

Hey all!

We briefly talked about getting together to play D&D or some similar fantasy RPG. Here’s my proposal for what we should do.


Pathfinder. It’s basically D&D 3.75. I own some books, Jason owns some books, the core material is online for reference. Plus you should have the pdf shared.

Character Creation

Characters would start at level 4, high enough to have a few options and not be too fragile, but low enough to allow plenty of opportunity for character growth and not be overwhelmed with choices.

I will help you create your character. It is easier than it looks.

Character Background

I will work with each player to get 3 Allies, 3 Adversaries, and 3 Goals/Secrets (my version of Herman Cain’s 999 plan).

These can be People (Hrothgar the Warlord destroyed my village), Creatures (Kobolds ate my baby), Institutions (The Church of the Sun God owes me for helping its Cimmerian Bishop), Objects (I will find the Staff of the Zodiac), Forces of Nature (I’m afraid of water because I almost drowned as a child), or Other (I’m a dragon trapped in a gnome’s body).

It’s very open and meant to get plot hooks for me to get you and your character invested in the story. More background is appreciated, but not required.


Your characters will all know each other and previously adventured. We will build your shared experiences and how the group formed through brainstorming in person and/or email. A couple of adventures, achievements, and/or failures are what I’m looking for here. If you want to have known each other for many, many years, that is fine, too.

The Setting

The setting is going to be very open and largely undefined by me. We will work together to build the world in brainstorming and discussions in person and/or email. I have a few starting suggestions to kick things off, but everyone will be encouraged to provide as much input as they want.

We’ll fill the world with artifacts, legendary heroes, famous battles, stories shared around the fire, kingdoms that rise and fall, important historical events, current world figures and organizations. We don’t have to (and won’t) flesh out everything, but it will give us a good base to work from, and a solid starting location and surrounding areas.

The Story

The story right now is unwritten. Based on the world and characters that we build, the outlines of a story will form. We will tell the story together as we go along, and find out where it ends together.

I do tend to be much more of a role-player than a roll-player. That does not mean that there will be no combat or loot or tactical decisions, by any means. It plays a significant role in RPGs. But we are telling a story together, and this is meant to be a fun creative outlet.

The Players

Jason, Krissy, Kurt, Nick, Owen, and Zach (say hi). Six players is about the limit of what I will run in a game. I have run games with larger groups before, but I find 4-6 players to be about right. We have enough that each player can have a role to play, but not so many that we start getting carbon copies of each other. And we have enough so that if we are missing one or two people we can still play, assuming the story allows for it.

And if this turns out to not work out for some people due to time constraints or other reasons, we can still continue with the group without having to get additional players.


This is currently up in the air. I know there are concerns that this might require a lot of time. I do not think it will. We can play periodically, every 2-3 weeks, for a few hours at a time. We can play before other regularly scheduled game days, or as the first part of it, since many of us already go to the same functions. Obviously we will be confined to playing only on weekends.


I am completely open to feedback of all sorts. I am constantly trying to improve my GM abilities and will work with all of you to incorporate what you want to see in the game.

So that’s my proposal! Please feel free to jump in with your thoughts and comments.

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Game Proposal

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