Era of Stability

The period of time from -613 BR to 998 BR (present day) is known as the “Era of Stability” in Hassuna because of its relative peace. Hassuna has not engaged in any serious warfare with exterior threats for over a thousand years, apart from fending off periodic dragon attacks.

The rise of the Sorian Empire was of little concern to Hassuna, as the Empire was too geographically removed to constitute a serious threat to elven sovereignty. Relations between Soren and Hassuna were chilly from the beginning, owing to the Empire’s racism against non-humans and Hassuna’s disdain for non-elves, but trade relations were sustained anyway.

The Hassunai benefited from the Empire’s growth and the subsequent expansion of trade, and its trade routes suffered when the eastern half of the Empire collapsed. Relations have been maintained with the surviving Empire, however, so Hassuna’s western trade routes have been relatively stable.

The geographic isolation of Hassuna has fostered the insular nature of elven society there, and the elves are generally unconcerned with events elsewhere in the world (except, of course, in the event that such events result in the disruption of lucrative trade routes). Periodic attacks by the dragons in the Spine of the World keep Hassuna occupied, and attempts by Hassunai forces to hunt the dragons in the mountains have been unsuccessful. As a consequence, the insular nature of the realm has been reinforced, as Leaders are unwilling to risk a widespread dragon assault if a significant portion of Hassunai power were to be tied up elsewhere.

Elven society in Hassuna remains, in many ways, vibrant and advanced, but has also become moribund and stagnant in others. The bureaucracy surrounding the upper castes has grown over the years, and the Elven Council itself infrequently exercises its power. There has been an uptick in the number of elves leaving Hassuna for other lands—especially Penwith—in recent years, though the overall percentage of the population is essentially negligible.

Conflicts between the castes have been growing over the decades. The caste system itself prevents serious inter-class conflict, and the elves are largely unwilling to engage in major feuds, as the memory of the Wars of Blood and Fire lingers. Nevertheless, the Caste of Law has grown resentful of the Caste of Magic, and some have begun to openly question why the mages must have so much power over those who are intended to rule.

The lower castes have consistently lobbied for elevation and have grown similarly resentful of the castes above them, and the Castes of Nature and Production are essentially allies in this endeavor. Recently, the lower castes have found sympathetic ears in the Caste of Faith, especially among priests who find the stratified nature of society distasteful, though the reasons for this distaste often vary.

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Era of Stability

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