The Enchiridion

The Enchiridion is the first of three books thought to have been penned by the legendary Troparion triplets, three gnome siblings supposedly into a clan in the Aljudha Desert. The Troparion triplets, Enchirus, Misopogus, and Panarius, were forced to fend for themselves while still children after their parents were killed by roving desert bandits—who presumably simply left the children to die—and each turned to an aspect of the supernatural to assist their survival: Enchirus turned to alchemy, Misopogus turned to the arcane arts, and Panarius delved into the divine.

The triplets wandered Orem individually for twenty years, learning as they went, and returned to the Aljudha at the end of their self-appointed sojourn to pool their knowledge. However, when they returned, they found that they could not come to an agreement on which discipline was the most powerful: alchemy, magic, or the divine. In their disagreement, they each vowed to write down all they knew and distribute copies to the learned beings of the world so that others might weigh in on the issue and pass judgment. To this end were written the Enchiridion, the Misopogon, and the Panarion, which dealt with alchemy, the arcane, and the divine, respectively.

The hubris of this endeavor enraged numerous gods and so the God Who Knew Too Much intervened, attempting to explain to the three siblings why their attempt was doomed to failure—for surely each discipline was powerful in its own right and in its own ways. The Troparion triplets were powerful beings, however, and, having grown prideful in their power, refused the god’s mediation. Unable to shield them from the wrath that was coming, but unwilling to simply let them be vanquished, the God Who Knew Too Much banished the triplets into the books and laid a powerful binding spell on them such that they would not be released from their literary prison until they had each acknowledged the virtues of the others’ disciplines. The copies made of the books were destroyed by the other gods and TGW placed the originals in his Library. Following the death of TGW and the destruction of his library, the Enchiridion and its two sister volumes were lost, though it is said that anyone who finds them will have a great wealth of knowledge available to them.

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