Eastern Orem

“Eastern Orem” is the term generally used to describe the lands to the east of the Röl River, including the archipelago off the eastern coast of the continent, the Penwith Islands. The continental lands of eastern Orem include a number of ruined settlements, including the Imperial city of Auxerre, which sits where the Nicephori River branches off from the Röl, as well as the former capital of the eastern half of the Sorian Empire, the city of Hyperion. These lands also include the city of Ystria, situated at the mouth of the Nicephori River, as well as the city of Darrova, situated at the mouth of the Röl.

The Penwith Islands are composed of a number of different islands of varying sizes, including the main island of Penwith itself, which gives its name to the entire island chain. To the north of the Penwith Islands is the island of Liria, the site of the ancient Elven kingdom of the same name, now overrun by hobgoblins. The Penwith Islands are home to a number of significant polities and settlements, including the cities of Brightwater, Saltstone, Gelden and Jund, Aeren, and the ruined cities of Tintern and Starll. The climate of Penwith is generally mild, though the northern islands in the chain (including the cities of Gelden and Jund) have a chillier disposition, as does Liria.

The waters around the Penwith Islands are relatively easy to navigate, and the waters of the Penwith Channel, between the Islands and the continent, are fairly shallow, fairly calm, and fairly well-trafficked. The cities of Ystria and Brightwater are located essentially “across from” each other, on either side of the Penwith Channel, and the passage between them is marked by the tremendously-large and ancient dual-lighthouses known as the Light-Bearers.

Far to the south of the Penwith Islands is the city-island of Skroz, which enjoys a warmer climate, as does the city of Darrova, which is fairly tropical. The floating Troll city of Zacthar’Zaqara is located to the east of the Penwith Islands, though its location varies.

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Eastern Orem

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