Early History of Ystria

Ystrian history stretches back over fourteen hundred years, though its founding is officially dated to -419 BR. Prior to that date, Ystria was a loose collection of small villages populated by humans who had fled to the islands of the river delta to avoid the centaurs who inhabited the plains and forests of eastern Orem. After some initial expansion brought on minor conflict between the settlements, Eraclea of House Lido was able to unite the villages into a town called Ystria, named after the largest of the islands in the delta. It is said that Eraclea’s unification came about through sheer force of personality, though little else is known about her. Eraclea’s unification held, even after her death, and House Lido has ruled Ystria in an unbroken line ever since.

The growth of the city was slow, largely because of the huge amount of effort required in the construction of new islands. By the time the Resettling began in Penwith in -112 BR, Ystria was a modest and growing city engaged in trade with Brightwater, as well as some trade with the other major cities of the Penwithan Islands and cities located further up the Nicephori and Röl Rivers. Despite the fact that the elves from Liria did not come to Ystria to settle, the Resettling was still an enormously important event in Ystrian history, because the transformation of the cities of Penwith into thriving kingdoms lead to a concurrent boom in the Ystrian economy as well. Although Ystria generates plenty of trade on its own, it has been said that the city’s fortunes are tied to that of Penwith—and especially to the city of Brightwater, which has been its largest market for over a thousand years.

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Early History of Ystria

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