The Curators of the Sands of Time—most commonly known simply as “The Curators”—is a religious order based in the Penwith Islands. The order is composed almost entirely of those who identify as oracles, though from time to time practitioners of other divine or arcane arts are allowed entry. The primary function of the Curators in present times is the maintenance of The Oracle, located in the ruined holy city of Tintern at the base of Mount Rhone on the island of Penwith proper. The order itself has long been a popular and important religious fixture of the Penwithan people, though its size and influence have undergone serious fluctuations, most notably after the Scourge of Penwith in 434-435 BR.

The Curators are supplemented by the Shield of the Sands, a supplemental organization made up of those who have dedicated themselves to providing protection for the order. This “militant wing” was dormant following its destruction during the Scourge in 435 BR, but was re-founded in 838 BR, following the Empire’s withdrawal from the islands.

A more extensive discussion of the history of the Curators can be found here.

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