Carmen Adunin-Firssa was born in 979 BR to Tygon and Silene Adunin-Firssa.

Carmen had a happy childhood, despite not seeing much of her parents: her mother died when Carmen was four years old, and her father is a career politician (and current President of the North). Carmen grew up in the royal palace of Jund, which Tygon retained as his personal residence upon terminating the Northern monarchy. Carmen had many friends, but by default spent a lot of time alone.

During these solitary hours she built upon her innate magical abilities. It is unclear where these abilities came from, as neither of her parents were magic wielders; however, many inhabitants of Penwith, and especially members of noble families, have some small magical power due to their Lirian heritage.

Carmen always disliked politics, having a behind-the-scenes perspective on the Republic’s internal dealings due to her father’s job. Tygon was elected President of the North in 996, when Carmen was 17; she began to see even less of him than usual. At this time she began to develop her powers in earnest, taking on a tutor – a warlock named Bayle.

After two years of one-on-one study, Bayle suggested Carmen journey to the Witchwood for additional instruction from the resident coven. This trip was spun as an abduction by an opposition faction within the Republic of the North, which tried to leverage the “kidnapping” into an assault on the Witchwood. Carmen was recovered from the Witchwood by the Summer Heroes and returned to the palace of Jund without incident.

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