Brightwater Calendar

The calendar of Brightwater is utilized across the Penwith Islands, as well as in the lands of eastern Orem, including the cities of Ystria and Darrova. Brightwater’s calendar owes its widespread usage to the city’s economic pre-eminence in the Penwith Islands, as well as to its trading ties with Ystria and Darrova. Other calendars existed at one time or another, but they slowly faded from use, and the economic benefits of an unified calendar among trading partners has inhibited the revival of any of these alternatives.

The calendar of Brightwater is one of three main calendars used across the known world; the other two calendars are the Hassunai Calendar and the Sorian Calendar.

The Brightwater calendar employs Brightwater Reckoning as its standard (e.g. “Year One by Brightwater Reckoning” or “1 BR”). The first year of Brightwater Reckoning is fixed as the year of the coronation of the first monarch of the city of Brightwater itself. Dates prior to Year One are generally given in the format -X BR (e.g. “-3 BR” or “-209 BR”, and so on).

[For the sake of simplicity, all dates in the wiki are given in Brightwater Reckoning unless explicitly noted otherwise.]

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Brightwater Calendar

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