Arah Calendar

The Arah Calendar

The calendar of the known world is a solar-based system consisting of thirteen months, each of which is composed of four, seven-day-long weeks. The calendar is used across Orem and Penwith, and the creation of the calendar’s mechanics is attributed to the legendary Arah, a priest of the sun god Tohilai. It is said that Tohilai revealed the secrets of the sun, moon, and stars to Arah, who used this information to create a new calendar for the ruler of his city. It is unknown how long this calendar has existed (or if Arah was even a real person) but civilizations across Orem and Penwith universally use it, which some believe lends credence to the theory of its divine origin.

The language of the days and months of the calendar is unknown, as the only fragments of it that remain are the terms from the calendar itself. Speculation that Arah may not have existed is generally thought to be reinforced by the association of his name with the term “month” (though it is also possible this was a later insertion). Months are casually referred to by their names, less the “Arah” (hence in casual conversation, the Month of Frost may be referred to simply as “Nisanu”), and this convention also applies to the days of the week, where the “-‘tya” suffix is generally dropped (hence in casual conversation, the Day of the Sun may be referred to simply as “Helek”).

Official documents—governmental, religious, or mercantile—generally use either the ancient name or the translation when making reference to dates, though this practice varies somewhat depending on the culture/government/religion. In Brightwater, dates are generally written in the day/month/year format (e.g. 9 Tammuz 907 BR), whereas in Soren the format is generally month/day/year (e.g. Yatar 16 YS 109). Documentation from royal or noble courts, or other formal issuances, is frequently given a more elaborate format. For example, the Silver Palace issues proclamations with the following format:

Given on a Day of Fire, the Ninth Day of Arah Tammuz, the Month of the Forthcoming of Water, in the Nine Hundred and Seventh Year by Brightwater Reckoning.

Formal documents from the Sorian Empire are generally given in this format:

Decreed under the authority of the Imperial Throne on the Sixteenth Day of Arah Yatar in the One Hundred Ninth Year of the City.

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Arah Calendar

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