The Summer Heroes

Session 21

In Which Mina Has An Identity Crisis

Sanaar finishes his explanations and speaks individually to each of the Summer Heroes. They then leave the Temple, only to be confronted by a very large troll and…Mina?

The newly arrived Mina claims that she was abducted by her twin sister Winifred, who has been masquerading as her since they left Ystria for Sweetwater. The two Minas argue over the Dragon Watch Sword, until Thalion holds on to it while they settle the matter.

Finally, Winifred drops her act, revealing that the newly arrived Mina was correct. She then promptly tries to assassinate Darion, only for Pirro to foil her plan by leaping in front of the arrow. A short race to the Temples ensues, with Pirro arriving too late to prevent Winifred from killing Sanaar. She takes the box containing the impure Sands of Creation and recreates Anaxathraxis and his mate to slow the Summer Heroes (and Venjo the Troll) down. The dragons are defeated without too much trouble, with Winifred forced to escape without Mina’s Dragon Watch Sword.

A large crowd arrives on the scene, with several agitators blaming the Summer Heroes for Sanaar’s death. Darion diffuses the situation with ease, though several of the crowd depart together, still blaming Mina and the rest. Thich and Pirro go to clean and prepare Sanaar’s body for a funeral the next day, while the rest of the Summer Heroes gather to hear Mina’s tale.

Mina explains how she was ambushed by her sister, sent to Skroz, and held captive for the last two and a half months. Her sister has taken over Uncle’s organization in Skroz, and was behind the aborted assassination attempt in Brightwater. Venjo, a (now former) member of Winifred’s organization, broke Mina out, and they escaped through a Temple in Winifred’s compound. Taking a few runestones she possessed, they made their way to the Rotunda, and Lennith and Jahannam. The Sphinxes explained many details to her, now confident the Summer Heroes were not aligned with Glaysa.

Mina also discovered that the trolls of Zacthar’Zaqara have relocated to the enchanted island where the Rotunda resides. Shaktilar, the Troll Storm Mage lost with Juru’s Other Lantern, survived and managed to get to the Rotunda. He reached an agreement with Lennith and Jahannam, received the third known magical ring attuned to the Temples, and brought the troll elders to the island. They negotiated an alliance with the Sphinxes to work against Glaysa.

The trolls sent their greatest champions out into the world to known Temple locations, and to seek the rest. Venjo was sent to Skroz and infiltrated Winifred’s organization to get close to the two Temples there. When he found Mina, he knew she was part of the Summer Heroes and helped her escape.

The funeral happens the next day, with the disgruntled monks absent. Thich publicly reconfirms the order’s commitment to Sanaar’s cause, and they will come to the Summer Heroes’ aid when they need them.

The Summer Heroes depart through the Water Temple and return to the Rotunda. They learn some of what has occurred in Brightwater from Lennith, who has been able to get some information from the Guardian of the Earth Temple in Brightwater. That Temple is run by the leaders of the Curators, of which only Iro remains. Other curators and dissidents who survived subsequent purges by Oswiu, Mellitus, the Corrupted, and the Regulators are spread throughout Penwith, the largest contingent residing in Starll.

The Summer Heroes discuss their next moves…



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