The Summer Heroes

Session 17

In Which There Are Many Happy Reunions

After a quick reunion between Erlindar (whose real name is apparently Veserik) and his Uncle Jojen, the freed prisoners and the Summer Heroes flee the scene. As soon as they get around the corner, Glaysa, her enormous Hell Hound, some orcs, some golems, and Krina teleport in.

Glaysa amplifies her voice and gives the Summer Heroes a chance to bargain with her, as they have something she wants. After they make noise trying to flee, Mina causes a distraction which leads their pursuers unsure of which direction to go. THey decide to divide and chase down both groups.

After narrowly escaping back toward the tunnel that leads to the Garden of Light, they watch in horror as Glaysa shapeshifts into a dwarf and activates one of Varcrist’s most powerful defenses. One of the giant, stone pillars, modeled after a statue of a dwarf, animates and begins chasing them. They flee to the Garden of Light as a temporary refuge, and then try and sneak back to the Temple they used to enter Varcrist.

At one point, Darion lags behind to listen in on a conversation Glaysa is having with an unseen speaker, though there is a giant disembodied eyeball floating next to her. She says that she won’t let them get away with the sword, that she knows they came in one of two ways, that the statues are still a priority, and they are still moving. Relieved by the indication that perhaps she is unaware of their possession of the Rod of the Past, the first piece of the Staff of Prophecy, Darion rejoins the group.

They fight one of the disembodied eyeballs guarding the exit to the Temple, narrowly surviving. The Summer Heroes flee into the Temple and rejoin Abajeet. Mina realizes that one of the prisoners, who is missing both of his eyes, is her father. They have a surprised and tearful reunion, and go off to talk. Erlindar also discusses some issues with his Uncle, wanting to hear news about his family and other matters.

Pirro is able to trick his way past the dragon guarding Ayreon’s temple, and finds the collector’s home destroyed. He encounters the sole survivor among the desolation, a numb and defeated Jeanette. Pirro takes her back to Abajeet’s, with the guardian seemingly afraid of the Majordoma.

After learning of Ayreon’s death at the hands of the stone demon, Darion believes he may be able to raise him from the dead. Jeanette leads them back to his home and where she buried him, also revealing that she gave up her status as one of the Unburnt (and the near-divinity that comes with it) to be with Ayreon. They are successful in bringing him back with the Rod of the Past. He thanks them, indicates he is aware of their recent success, and rejoins them at Abajeet’s temple. Jeanette is shocked to find out that the Staff of Prophecy is real, and Ayreon gives some cryptic comments about how she has already chosen her side and it’s too late to turn back.

Learning that Feregar and their crew are safe at Stonewall, the Summer Heroes begin to discuss their next moves and what to do about Mina’s father, Uncle Jojen, and the rest of the freed prisoners. Ayreon feels young again, vows to go off adventuring with Jeanette, and intends to stop in and see Iro in Brightwater as his first order of business.



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